Throughout this experience so many wonderful people at Texas Children’s Hospital (TCH) Pavilion for Women cared for our family and touched our lives with the love they showed for our daughters. Although we didn’t get the happy ending we’d hoped for, it was a privilege to see the passion and commitment they have for the work they do. We are forever grateful to everyone who gave their time, expertise and compassion to our family and want to recognize them by name.

Fetal Intervention Team

We are amazed by this group whose mission is “Giving Life to Possible” in providing life-saving intervention for babies before birth. These doctors spent hours working with us and discussing treatment options as a team to determine the best care for our girls. The one-on-one care was truly amazing and they made themselves personally available to us at all hours of the day and night. Words can’t describe the gratitude and admiration I feel for the work they do and we were so touched by how they shared in our grief. After delivery they came to visit our family and we shared a special moment with Dr. Espinoza as he held our two little girls that they’d fought so hard to save. The work they do is awe-inspiring.

  • Dr. Jimmy Espinoza
  • Dr. Michael Belfort
  • Dr. Magdalena Sanz
  • Nurse Coordinator – Annie


Maternal Fetal Medicine

  • Dr. Karin Fox – Our primary OB/GYN for my first pregnancy with our daughter, Campbell, and was with me throughout this pregnancy. She was amazing at guiding us through chaotic decisions during the labor process. We’ll be with her again for a happier time.
  • Dr. Mildred Ramirez – This wonderful woman was there with us every step of the way during labor & delivery with encouragement and love to get us through the ordeal. She truly shared in our grief and her words of wisdom continue to provide great comfort as we mourn the loss of our daughters.

Nursing and OR Staff

Every single nurse and staff member we encountered at TCH during this whole process was amazing and gave so much to us. These are just a few that touched our hearts.

  • Nurse Pooran – Our OR nurse through both fetal intervention procedures.
  • Dr. Hair – Neonatologist who worked with Holly in the moments after she was born.
  • Dr. Toyin – Anesthesiologist that held my hand during the TTTS laser surgery.
  • Dr. Garcia – Anesthesiologist that talked me through progress of the intrauterine transfusion to let me know Holly was doing okay.
  • Nurse Rasheeda – This lovely woman dried my tears, held my hand and never left my side during labor.
  • Nurse Amie – With us the night after delivery. She took extra special care of our girls and helped give us some very special moments together as a family.
  • Nurse Corrine
  • Nurse Trish
  • Nurse Consetta
  • Nurse Winnie