Pregnancy and family

It’s been a minute

Tonight was one of those “scroll through every picture you’ve ever taken of your kids, crawl in bed with them once they’re asleep, and go back and read the blog you haven’t updated in THREE YEARS” kind of nights. Time is weird, babies and toddlers are hard, life is busy, and instagram is easier than writing. Fun fact: I had no less than 6 draft blog posts that I had completely forgotten to publish. 😆

Anyway. I send my youngest two off to preschool this week (new school for Spencer and FIRST school for Gwyn!) so maybe I’ll have some extra time now to jot down some updates a little more regularly. At the very least I have some cleanup work planned for Madeline and Holland’s pages, including sharing some information on The TAPS Support Foundation. So happy to see there’s more work being done to research this disease.


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